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What’s more comfortable than throwing on some fresh kicks, leggings, a tee and still looking fashionable? Hmm… I can’t think of anything. While this athletic workout style used to be only worn when breaking a sweat, it is now taking over street style and even the runways. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you “athleisure” wear.

Athletic and active wear in the fashion industry is continually growing in sales every year. Designers, like Chanel, are presenting it in their runway shows and clothing stores are carrying it. “Athleisure” wear emphasizes an outfit that incorporates sporty, leisure, comfort, convenience, and is still considered fashion-forward.

We live in a busy society and time is of the essence. For those of you who are constantly on the move, it is important to have that go-to outfit and the ability to make it from work to yoga to happy hour in no time. This is why “athleisure” wear strives. You want to wear it all the time and you can. For those of you who are avid gym rats, looking good while doing your squats has hit an all time high. It makes sense. You exercise for your health and to get that body you’ve always desired. So why not be confident in your own skin and in your clothes? For those who skip the gym, do not fret. “Athleisure” wear is for anyone and everyone! You can still look fabulous while deeming athletic attire.

So, whether you are heading to CrossFit or hot yoga, running errands, or going to work, go on and embrace your inner athlete.

How to rock the “athleisure” look:

#1: Mix and match!

The beauty of this style is that you do not have to be all decked out in athletic pieces from head to toe. You can wear a nice top with sporty leggings, or you can incorporate sneakers, like United Nudes, with jeans or a skirt. Make your look personalized. Be bold! If you want to wear bright colors, mix it with neutrals. Make it pop with accessories, such as bracelets, necklaces, watches, or snapbacks. As long as you stay true to an overall sporty aesthetic, your “athleisure” look will shine. It is all about balance and representing a healthy image of yourself so keep it fresh and fitting.

#2: Consider when it is appropriate to pull off this look.

If your job has a strict dress code, you may need to reconsider whether this look is okay to wear in the office. But, don’t knock it until you try it. See what you can work with in your wardrobe.  There are ways to show off this look while still looking classy and professional. Ladies, if you are considering trying the “athleisure” style, wear something such as a tee with a bright statement necklace, a skirt, and heels. For guys, wear a tee with nice jeans and a sports blazer. Obviously for your everyday look while running errands or shopping, you can keep it as casual as possible.

#3: Lounge around or be active

With so many different workout routines and classes there is an endless possibility of pieces for the outfit that work better for one over the other. For CrossFit, you may need looser shorts with a tight top. For yoga you usually need it all to be tight from head to toe. Whatever will result in the most comfortable feel and will allow you to perform well during your workout, is important to consider.

Our favorite looks from Revolution-

For the yogi:

Perfect Shirttail Tank by Alternative Apparel

Chin Up Slouch pants by Alternative Apparel

Bracelets by Rose Gonzales


For the jetsetter:

Wrap it Up Cardigan by Alternative Apparel

Linen Slouchy Tank by Bella Lux

Skyline Ankle Peg jeans by Paige

Runner Sneaker by United Nude

Sunglasses by Raen Optics


For the social butterfly:

Scoopneck Boyfriend tee by David Lerner

Necklaces by Zacasha

Shirred Cross Front skirt by Bella Luxe

unnamed-2 IMG_2296IMG_2298

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