So as we approach another November election this Tuesday I feel as if we have never been closer to Armageddon. Which by no means do I believe an asteroid will hit the Earth tomorrow, but more along the lines of everything is really f’d up right now.

Be sure to click the hyperlinks as you dive in so the hyperbole can really grab you by the boo boo.

So, in my neck of the woods I have been peppered with political ads from Kay Hagan and Thom Tillis for US Senate. They both openly bully one another into submission using their election as a coliseum of sorts. Basically instructing your audience that it’s fair game to bash your opponent to make yourself look better. What are we teaching our youth? How do they sleep at night?

Where is the love I ask? Maybe in the third party? If there was ever a romantic approach to the proletariat assault, Sean Haugh enters the room with a debonair posture that engages even the most unattended audience. This is the perfect example of unintended consequence. I call this one the cobra effect. Cobra effect

Here are a few nauseating ads.

Kay Hagan

Thom Tillis

So I ask you, in Kay Hagan’s ad, were those actors or were those actually candid interactions with Kay? If they are actors don’t you feel a bit duped right now? That you are kind of voting for a facade? Like, Who really is Kay Hagan? That’s how I feel. I never really understood how that maintained any sort of credibility for the contributing party.

And is Thom really going to fight for me and or stand up to Obama? How hard is that anyway? Just ask Putin.

It kind of reminds me of crazy infomercials! As if the dramatics that were going on were relatable to our mundane middle class lives. They almost gave us validity as humans. And as if we actually acted this way. It is the kind on condescension we apparently enjoy. Maybe it makes us feel better that we are not that good at we do either?


Well as Tuesday approaches when I thought all hope was lost I found Sean Haugh, our third party candidate for libertarians who absolutely no one has heard of, well almost no one. Sean Haugh is our diamond in the rough and a chance to vote for innocence lost.

Sean Haugh 1

This guy is pro pot, pro peace, anti-government, pro second amendment, anti-banning and believes in “thou shalt not kill! “and he really means it.

Sean Haugh 2

So there you have it! A more abashed approach at whom we will choose as our leaders. I can only hope that you will take this for the grain of salt that it worth and vote on Tuesday. I still don’t know who to vote for. It is truly terrifying that I am considering Haugh. Since it will be either Hagan or Tillis most likely luck will be a lady tonight. It all depends on how much of a spoiler Haugh will be.

Thank you for listening and for the record if I were to run I would run on this message alone,

“I am a person who needs people” so vote for me!

And apparently People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.


As I eluded to earlier, Armegeddon is abound. We have never been more dysfunctional and divisive than any other time in our history. We are mired in lame duck cache and drowning in inferiority. At the end of the day only one tenth of the folks that watched last years Super Bowl will show up to vote for the mid term elections. So as our silent majority weeps and the social divide completely collapses amongst itself I will watch my recorded television programs, listen to Neil Diamond, suck on a stogie and think about how great thou art while I fall into a deep snore!

Please comment only if I have your vote!

Thanks, B


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