Aromaflage, proven awesome.


Are you sweet as sugar like me? Does a night at the beach quickly turn into a morning of connect the bug bites on your legs?  I personally can’t stand the smell of bug spray and would rather chance a meeting with those of the insect kind then smell like a cloud of chemicals.  When we received a shipment of Aromaflage at the store I was automatically both intrigued and skeptical.  “Botanical fragrance & insect repellent,” huh? “Fine fragrance that doubles as insect repellent,”… prove it.

I was most intrigued by it’s ingredients. No chemicals, deet or parabens… just botanical fragrances that are known to naturally ward off mosquitos.  The scent is pretty awesome, too. A combination of vanilla, cedar wood & orange essential oils are the main ingredients, a far cry from the usual bug spray chemical combination.

So, for the big test I took a bottle of Aromaflage to the beach with me. 4th of July fireworks are always the biggest bug fest & I couldn’t wait to test out this so called fragrant bug repellent on the beach! I sprayed up myself and my Mom, who is also just as sweet as me (see what I did there), and we headed out to see the fireworks show.  I couldn’t help but notice everyone around us swatting and itching, except for me and my Mom! It was a 4th of July MIRACLE!  It proved me wrong & I will definitely be bringing this stuff everywhere with me!  Check out all of our Aromaflage products and see for yourself, your legs will thank me.

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