“Keeping It Fresh” Friday

227 East Blvd. presents new arrivals for “Floral Friday.”

For today’s #OOTD we are focusing on the floral print trend in menswear.

Men often steer away from flowery patterns because they may think it is not masculine enough. However, this is not the case! Be comfortable in your own skin and rock it this spring.

In order to keep your whole “flower power” look from being too overwhelming, tone it down with basic colors, like whites or blues.


The slim fitted “Arne Vik” Moods of Norway collar shirt is certainly a bold statement with its mid blue, allover flower pattern. Let it stand out by pairing it with “The Slacker” Joe’s pants, giving it a more urban, casual look.

Top it off with a Goorin Bros. hat, which emphasizes that spring is here to stay (finally)!


The details of these crafted leather J SHOES are everything! The tan color with the hint of navy blue evens out the flow of the outfit, making it fit from head to toe.


Real mean wear pink…and rock floral print.

IMG_1510These pieces are all available in the store and they will be coming soon to our website.

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