Layering 101 (necklace edition)

227 East Blvd. presents layers on layers (of necklaces, that is). Now that it is finally heating up outside, we can throw away the sweaters, scarves, and jackets, and look to layer something else- in this case our new jewelry arrival consisting of gorgeous, colorful Zacasha pieces.


We have fallen in love with these handcrafted, exquisite beaded Zacasha “original tassel necklaces.” Dress your outfit up or down with these pieces, whether you choose a silky, long maxi dress or your itsy bitsy bikini. Or in this case throw on a backwards baseball cap with a black top and some jeans and layer away!


The Zacasha necklaces are not made in factories, rather they are made by local artisans in Indonesian villages. Jennifer Belcourt, the designer behind these beaded necklaces was inspired by her travels through Asia.


Wear one necklace or 10; the more the merrier! Mix and match each unique necklace with another. There are plenty of colors to choose from hot pinks, blues, greens to grays, blacks, and whites.


Each bead has a knot in between one another, a specialty by the island of Madura. The necklaces are “made of crystals, Mala beads, fresh water pearls from the island of Lombok and lava stone beads from the volcanoes of Mt Batur in Bali and Mt Semeru in Java.”IMG_1540

See the story behind the necklace here:!our-story/cast

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