Linen Makes You Feel Cool

Linen Suit

Just like the title says, linen will help you feel cool… literally. We all know that linen allows for better air circulation but how many of us have intentionally looked for it when shopping?

Most clothes nowadays are either cotton, polyester, or a combination of both. Finding a linen shirt or – God forbid – a linen suit is more like trying to find Nemo.

OK, now you’re probably asking yourself: why on earth should I waste my time looking for linen garments when I could just as easily get them in cotton and get it over with? Cotton is also a natural fiber, what’s wrong with that?  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I do have a few reasons that will definitely change your mind.


The first one is comfort. When you put on a linen shirt, if you’re not a style student, you might not even feel the difference. However, when you’re outside, you will surely feel the air currents better than you would in a cotton shirt.  With the extreme high temperatures and and tantalizing humidity we experience in the Queen City, linen will feel like the only fabric your body will not reject.


The second reason is its antibacterial properties. IN short this means they will not catch smell as easily as cotton does. This is the reason why some people choose to wear linen socks.  So, if this summer heat has you feeling a bit lazy, take a day off from doing the laundry and just throw on your trusty linen shirt.

Third reason for wearing linen is simply the idea of having a wardrobe suitable for any season and meteorologic conditions. It’s about taking care of stylish details that are not apparent for others but, rather, for yourself.  Just like you wear umbrellas or hats or caps when it’s raining… just like you wear suede only when it’s not… and just like you wouldn’t wear white pants after Labor Day… similarly, you want to wear the right fabric for the right season.  And since wool is mostly for winter (although some wool works in the summer too), cotton for every season (but it depends on how thick it is), linen should be kept for summer or hot autumn and spring days.

Linen Shorts

Lastly, linen is eco-friendly. Almost no pesticides at all are used to grow it, unlike cotton fields which, according to a statistic I found, accounts for 50% of the World’s pesticide use.  I mean, seriously? Who would’ve thought that wearing a particular fabric could actually help improve the environment.

To sum it all up, linen allows you to look good, feel good, smell good, and save the planet all at the same tine. Linen truly is winnin’.

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