Local Artist Showcase

Join us on Wednesday, November 18th from 5-8pm for our Local Artist Showcase!

Local Charlotte artists and designers will be in the shop showing off and selling their creations, Sugar Creek Brewery will be providing a local beer selection & food will be provided by Mortimer’s Cafe and Pub! Also- 10% off storewide during the event!

Meet our artists:

KenT Youngstrom presents “Set yo’ space”:


i’m kenT and i’m the artist (but not the tortured kind).  i create one of a kind paintings.  some are large, some are small.  some have words, some have none.

you may have seen my work in cb2, on sale sites such as gilt.com, or popping up in celebrity home photos in people magazine.  all from my charlotte, nc studio.

i am currently on a mission to create an environment for your home, office or secret lair capable of volcanic eruptions of energy and frenzied moments of accomplishment, while at the same time soothe your soul.

Erin Waters & the 11:11 collection:

11:11 collection by erin ducharme waters  the jewelry of synchronicity.
hand crafted. leather stamped. triple wrapped bracelets.  inspiring women to love themselves + the lives they lead as it is intended

Erika Eckerson:

After a long day of reporting the news in Charlotte, painting is Erika’s favorite escape.  She picked up the hobby about five years ago — first creating works for friends and family, then selling her pieces online.  Erika is a self-taught abstract expressionist who loves experimenting with new color combinations and techniques, and draws much of her inspiration from interior design.  Some of her favorite artists include Willem De Kooning, Franz Kline and Sally King Benedict.
Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.38.12 AM

Katie Caniglia:

Katie is a self-taught abstract artist residing in Marvin, NC with her family and working in uptown Charlotte. Katie runs a non-profit that she founded (ITRIFORGOOD) and works for the private investment company (GCP) that her husband created. Faith and family are grounding forces at home while unique athletic challenges & mission-driven endeavors fuel travel far away and outside the comfort zone.


So many times I struggle to find the right words… painting means that I don’t have to.

There is a tremendous freedom in pouring emotion out onto a canvas, layering on thoughts and texturing in personal expression.

The artwork that I create is abstract but not by design. I do not feel led to produce pieces that fit within the confines of any defined style of art.

Inspiration to paint usually starts with an idea or image, formed over a period of time, which I mentally revise until I feel pulled to work the idea out onto a canvas.

I find a rhythm and movement to my paintings (within the process and once completed) that are likely an extension of my personality and how I am uniquely made…overtly simple though heavily textured with bold, colorful strokes of influence…far & near, past & present.

To transform a canvas in a way that pleases me is self- serving.

To transform a canvas in a way that pleases others is rewarding.

I’m always hopeful that the latter is true.

– In her own words



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